By inviting likeminded individuals along our journey, we are building a community of people who recognize the value of firsthand experience, because doing anything that brings joy is the ultimate food for the soul. 

Through this connection we are driving philanthropic efforts to give back to those in need. 15% of proceeds from all sales during AAPI Heritage Month of May will be donated to Give India. With the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, Give India are directly supporting those in need with oxygen, sanitary and food supplies. 


Our collaborators include:

Viviane Sassen 

Sassen was born in 1972 in Amsterdam, and lives there. She studied fashion design, followed by photography at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) and Ateliers Arnhem.

Phillip & Viviane first collaborated in 2014 and more recently released 'More Than Our Bellies' Cookbook in 2018. An ode to memory and how food and nurturing others with cooking, is perhaps the ultimate expression of love, each dish is introduced and narrated by Lim, and Sassen’s images of food – from her travels through Asia and Africa – create the stunning backdrop. Additionally, the book is amongst the first to showcase a new technique by Sassen, in which she paints over her images, lending a more personal, painterly approach, one in which the artist’s hand is present, very much as human touch is impossible to separate from the act of cooking. The book is thus an exploration into the ways in which two artists share their love.

'More Than Our Bellies' is sold out globally. | @vivianesassenstudio

Sho Shibuya via Placeholder

Placeholder is a brand design studio based in brooklyn. We create brands that people love, advertising that makes people buy things, and creative projects that start social movements. The studio was founded by sho shibuya

Sho Shibuya design the logo for More Than Our Bellies in 2020. 

A circle represents the cycle of life, symbolic in the process of learning and of community. We left the circle open to welcome all who share in the joy of creative explorations, the willingness to remain open-minded, humble and make mistakes. We celebrate the spirit of imperfection, of improvisation and the joy of doing and learning things yourself, both with and for others. Every time you see this logo, it will reinforce that we are a community of generalists, dabblers, amateurs, home cooks and beginners. Of people who recognize the value of first hand experience, because doing anything that brings joy is the ultimate food for the soul. | @shoshibuya

Hye Min Studio

Hye Min is an interdisciplinary artist from Seoul, based in New York. Her work is often inspired by the medium she uses. Having a deep understanding of its natural characteristics is an essential part of her practice—to reveal its true beauty. All works are hand-built, maintaining minimal forms and textures. Hye appreciates imperfection and the unexpected details that naturally occur throughout her process. | @hyeminstudio

Michael Gurrado 

Michael Gurrado's love for woodworking started out as a hobby in a one-car garage with a few simple tools, until it eventually became a passion. He has been creating custom pieces for more than 10 years, with most of that time spent as a professional picture frame maker. Gurrado Woodworks is based in Queens, New York.


Amy Wan 

Amy is Brooklyn based creative freelancer who enjoys staying up late and watching YouTube videos. She shoots and edits videos for More Than Our Bellies, and eats the food after!!