A space to share inspiration, a marketplace for collaboration, a home for everything beyond fashion that will feed your soul.

MORE THAN OUR BELLIES is a testament to the appeal and power of food, but it’s also a testament to personal experience and the power of sharing experiences with others.Food is the best way to bring people together. Bring bread to a table, and you can create an instant community. Across cultures and throughout history, food is the universal language.

Through the lens of simply giving things a try — not just cooking, but any sort of creative exploration. MTOB celebrate open-mindedness, humility, and a willingness to make mistakes. It embraces the spirit of imperfection, of improvisation, of doing and learning things yourself, both with and for others. It is a community of generalists, of dabblers and amateurs, of home cooks and beginners. Of people who recognize the value of firsthand experience, because doing anything that brings joy is the ultimate food for the soul.

MORE THAN OUR BELLIES is an initiative by Phillip Lim